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*super (forming adjs.) of higher kind, higher in degree,

smous (smoas) noun peddler travelling long distances to hawk their wares (Afrikaans)

How to get more;

GP% margin from your existing team

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Robert Eugene

I found the book to be very easy to read and INSPIRING, with tons of helpful "war stories" with free easy tools that can be IMPLEMENTED immediately or form the basis of what could be APPLIED to our business

“For 10 years we delivered sales process optimisation from a private practice of sales professionals. Satisfied with our income, but dissatisfied with the retained value we delivered to our customers. Our research led us to eMyth, looking for a solution to our value delivered frustration. There we found a counter intuitive perspective which made so much sense, that those years of sales experience and learning, were immediately regarded as wasted effort!


Easy read with very useful free tools and examples, means that I can start IMPLEMENTING ideas right away. I've also found that the author is very accessible and always willing to talk through issues I might have with APPLYING these principles to my own context!Enter your text here...

Today we look on our UPSA-certified profession of selling as completely turned on its head! So, we wrote an eBook about sharing that epiphany moment.  We couldn’t wait to get back to share these great leadership secrets by applying the principles to the sales revenue generation process in particular. If you read this book, and apply these principles, you are sure to be able to add significant value to what is seen as a necessary age old business process ~ but one, that seems totally unmanageable! Excerpt From: Peter French. “herding cats.” iBooks.

About the Author

Prescription without proper diagnosis is malpractice - Hippocrates

The cornerstone of all sales success is a defined and disciplined  business  process.  We have seen every problem associated with its dysfunction so we are confident we can help.  Our focus is not on salespeople but on Business Leaders ~ and their lack of process!  We strive to create the business they've always wanted but never quite achieved. We have been trained by the best and bring our own extensive business background to bear in addressing your Business Development needs.